The Practical Guide for the Busy Parent


But what? What must we do? What are the challenges of parenthood today?

This series of lectures is a practical guide for the modern parent. It provides answers for critical questions, such as how we can raise self confident children, who have a positive self image, can communicate effectively, have respect for themselves and other, know how to choose wisely and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Parenthood has always been an extremely complicated task.

We don’t need to present qualifications to get the job, yet it requires so many talents and skills. The terms of employment aren’t great; the working hours are unreasonable, the salary – is there one? – and forget about early retirement…

And yet, parenthood is the center of our lives. We love our children above and beyond all else, they are more important to us than anything, and we’re prepared to do everything for them.

What is included in the package


01: What Does an Effective Parent Do?


02: The Love for Our Children: Is Not Only What We Thought It Was


03: Discipline Without Punishment


04: Common Mistakes & How to Correct Them


05: Zivit Abramson Answers Parent’s FAQs

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